Turkish Hair Care Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish hair care, Turkey hair care manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality hair care from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

PROCTER GAMBLE TUKETIM MALLARI A.S.        Türkiye     Hayrünnisa Aligil    
s fmcg, fast moving consumer products, detergent, bleach, cleaners, hair care, paper, decorative cosmetics, oral care, food
BAN LABS LTD. STI.        Hindistan     Mr. Rajesh Patel    
s beauty care, charm glow anti ageing cream, face pack, hair care, herbal cosmetics, herbal medicines, medicines, personal care, sesa hair oil, sesa hair shampoo, soaps
ATM KOZMETIK A.S.        Türkiye     Mr.Alper OZOLMEZ    
s cosmetic, cosmetic product, cosmetics, cosmetic products, personal care products, skin care products, lip care products, hand care products, face care products, foot care products, body care products, spa products, baby products, hair removers, skin whitenings, cleansings, toners, eyebrow pencil, hair care, hair styling products, hair gel, hair lotion, shampoo, conditioners, waxes, hair treatments, bath products, shower products, special active treatment products, eau de toilette, perfume, nail polish, eyeliner, powders, foundation, blusher, illuminators, beads, cologne, liquid lipstick, after shave balm, lip liner, foundations, liquid eyeliner, skin care cosmetics, nail care products, personal care cosmetics, face care cosmetics, foot care cosmetics, body care cosmetics, spa cosmetics, make up, hand care cosmetics, sun care products, lip stick, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, baby cosmetics, after shave lotions, deodorant, lip care cosmetics, roll on deodorant, after shave creams, lip balm, lip treatments, pencils, compact powders, blushs, bronzers, concealers, make up base, creatie color pans, dry powder makeup, dry powders, rouge, bronzer, illuminator, automatic eyeliner, eyeshadow base, brows, creative color pans, eye lash treatment, relief powders, shimmers, baked terracotta, cosmetic makeup, sensitive cosmetics, organic cosmetics, makeup cosmetics, make up cosmetics, soft touch lipstick, longlasting lipstick, soft touch concealer, waterproof coverstick, waterproof eyeliner, nail white pencil, terramarine powder-blusher, sellective waterproof eyeliner
DAGLAR KOZMETIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ömer DAĞLAR    
s cosmetics, perfume, perfumes, women's perfumes, men's perfumes, skin care products, creams, moisturizing creams, sun creams, protective creams, sun protection creams, anti-aging creams, personal care, personal care products, hand care products, foot care products, body care, body care products, facial care, facial care products, oral care products, massage products, hair care, hair care products, baby care products, diaper rash cream, rash preventing cream, baby cologne, hygiene products, cleani, face care, shower gel, deodorant, hair conditioner, cleaning products, shampoos, colognes, hair serum, veterinary products, hand soap, shower gel, dermocosmetic products, room odors, cleaning gel, auto odors
ALTUNOGLU KOZMETIK        Türkiye     Altunoğlu Kozmetik    
s cosmetics, perfume, rash creams, baby wipes, crem foot care, sun-resistant, skin-protective lotions, sun-tan oils, depilatory creams, intimate gels, intimate wipes, cosmetic, cosmetic products, make up products, hair care, hair styling, body care
MAVISU KOZMETIK        Türkiye     caner cinar    
s skin care, hair care, waxing, lotion, hair spray
ORANJ KOZMETIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mrs Sibel Lila Selçuk    
s cosmetic, cosmetic product, cosmetic products, cosmetics, hair care products, hair color products, hair colors, hair dye, hair dyes, hair cosmetics, hair care cosmetics, hair products, cream hair dyes, hair cream dyes, hair decolorant powders, oxydant creams, hair sprays, hair care serums, hair serums, hair care masks, hair masks, argan oils, hair care product, hair cosmetic, hair care cosmetic, hair product, cream hair dye, hair cream dye, hair decolorant powder, oxydant cream, hair spray, hair care serum, hair serum, hair care, hair mask, hair care mask, argan oil
HAREM        Türkiye     kamuran bağırsakçı    
s hair care, skin care, body lotion, soap, spa, massage, argan oil, ozon oil, olive oil, olive oil shampoo, natural henna, acne care, spot care complex, botox cream, facial box, lip care, eye care, tanning oil, peeling gel, rose water, body care mask, black grape body lotion, aloe vera body lotion, green tea body lotion, rose soap, calendula soap, apricot soap, olive oil soap, black grape soap, cosmetic, cosmetic, natural products, natural products, massage, tanning oil
DERMAPOL DRUG COSMETIC        Türkiye     Mustafa Zengin    
s hair care, skin care, health care, baby care
MABM TRADE        Mısır     Mohamed mahmoud    
s baby care, hair care, skin care
IKAR KOZMETIK        Türkiye     İbrahim Karabaş    
s cosmetic, cosmetics, soap, perfume, essence, production, shampoo, export, hair care, baby shampoo, hand cream, cream, body lotion, all kinds of shampoo, everything for hair care
ERSON DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ertug Ugur    
s foreign trade, foreign trade services, consultancy services, counselling service, counselling services, consultancy, medical products, medical consumables, medical disposable products, serigraphy, screen printing, hair spray, hair wax, shaving foam, shaving gel, beard oil, body gel, body shampoo, hair gel, body splash, deodorant, parfume, air fresher, skin cream, hair serum, cosmetic, argan oil, keratin oil, shave, razor, baby diapers, wet wipes, baby shampoo, baby cream, baby lotion, body lotion, shoes wipes, hair care, hair conditioner, anti bacterial hand gel, baby oil, herbal shampoo, hair shampoo, face cream, consultancy, shaving cream, hair mask, hair tonic, hair cosmetic, body mist, aerosol body gel, body fragrance, hair styling powder, aerosol hair sprey, gummy hair gel, aftershave cologne, silver hair shampoo, after shave cream cologne, bread oil, intim wash, peel of black mask
LTS LOTUS KOZMETIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Haluk Sert    
s hair care products, hair care cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetic, cosmetic products, hair care, skin care, skin care products, skin care cosmetics, hygiene products, personal hygiene products, personal hygiene cosmetics, hair removal wax, hair removal products, hair removal cosmetics, towels, towel, face towel, handbags, mask, beauty mask, clay mask, shower gel, liquid hand soap, liquid soap, nail polish remover, lemon cologne, body cleansing cosmetics, massage cream, shower gel, skin are products
HAIRTON KOZMETIK A.S.        Türkiye     Begüm KARAAĞAÇ    
s hair dye, oxidation cream, hair openers, openers, hair care products, hair care product, argan oil, rarity shampoo, rough hair cream, argan balsam, silky hair mask, hair spray, hair foam, gasless hair spreyi, ammonia-free hair coloring, developer, shampoo, shampoos, hair dyes, oxidation water, wax, cream wax, wax band, hand lotion, hand and foot peeling, peeling, lotion, cosmetic, cosmetics, hair care, personal care products, personal care product, hair care cosmetics, hair mask, argan oil, peeling products, peeling cosmetics, dark hair lighter, peeling cosmetic products
s cosmetic, air conditioner fragrance, body perfume, cream, foam soap, liquid soap, massage oil, perfume, powder, shower foam, shower gel, soap, hand soap, liquid hand soap, shampoo, body wash, body splash, anti-aging cream, wax, hair gel, hair wax, intim gel, botox cream, hand cream, skin care, hair lotion, hair care, nail care, body care
GEMMY INSTRUMENTS MANUFACTURER        Pakistan     Muhammad Jamil    
s beauty care implements, dental instruments, arrow point nail cutter, barber scissors, barber thinning scissors, beauty kits, bone rongeurs, cuticle nippers, cuticle scissors, dental scalers, dental syringes, embroidery scissors, foot nail files, forceps, hair care, main products includes acrylic nail cutters, nail care, nail cutters pet grooming, root elevator, scissors, skin care, tooth extracting forceps
BIOWAY COSMETICS        Türkiye     Bioway Export    
s anti- acne cream, anti- blemish cream, body cream, body lotion, cosmetics, cracked heel foot cream, day cream, eye cream, face cream, facial whitening cream, facing clean, firming gel, hair care, hair lotion, hair removal cream, hair wax, hand cream, massage cream, night cream, peeling gel, shampoo, skin care, skin cream, stretch mark cream, whiting cream
LACTONE A.S.        Türkiye     hasan kalaycı    
s perfume, cosmetic, deodorant, make-up, parfum, shampoo, personal care, hair, hair care, lotion
KOZMOPLEKS MAGAZACILIK A.S.        Türkiye         
s hair care, skin care, hand care, foot care, nail care, waxing, epilation products, oral care, male care, fixture products, make-up products, hygiene products, body care, solar care products, perfume, deodorant, baby care, women's care products, sterile devices, herbal products, cosmetic laser, ipl devices, paraffin device, wig
SELESTA KOZMETIK GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s sun oil, suntan cream, after sun, hair care, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask, skin care, care cream and humidifiers, special creams, hand cream, lotions, face care products, personal care, shower gels, massage oil, soaps, traditional olive oil soaps, glycerine herbal soaps, herbal soaps, special soaps, liquid soap, travel soap