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ALIS INTERNATIONAL DIS TIC. LTD. STI. face creams, body creams, lotions, creams, whitening cream, snail cream, pearl cream, blue anemone cream
GEMON GIDA IC VE DIS SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Cosmetic, Personal Care Product, Natural Cosmetic Product, Cosmetic Product, Home Cosmetic, Quilt Cover Set, Bedlinen, Cover Set
SES KIMYA TEMIZLIK URUNLERI GIDA SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Cleaning Products, Household Cleaning Products, Dishwasher Detergent, Dishwasher Salt, Laundry Detergent, Hair Conditioner, Shampoo, Kitchen Cleaner

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We have been established since 2003, continuously growing with an innovative and contemporary perspective. We are focused on constant development and growth with our young and dynamic staff who are adding new customers and countries to our portfolio every day. We are exporting and operating our products all over the world from our two offices based in London and Istanbul with quality-oriented principles. Our company continuously increases market share and opens up new areas in order to meet customers demand in different products groups. Our basic principle is to keep our customers happy with quality of products at the highest level. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology in our factories. Our products have ISO 9001 quality. Our professional staff follows and controls all of the products from being produced until they reach our customers safely. Mission : Our mission is to insure customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality of the products, provide fast, safe and affordable service. Vision : Our vision is to increase our competitiveness and growth in the international market also to be sensitive to environment.
UKIP COSMETIC, has been esatablished in 1982 with 100 % native capitals. Today with its modern factory and its specialization in hair cosmetics field, Ukip Cosmetic is one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers and exporters in Turkey. Howeverdueto its powerful economical structure Ukip Cosmetic exports its products to all around the World.
After over 20 years of Cosmetics sector knowledge; in the year 2004, Gutto Cosmetics had started out its own production venture with the slogan of “Natural Beauty with Natural Products”. Gutto Cosmetics presents its products to the consumers as a result of long& detailed R&D studies under the permission of Health Ministry. As a Body & Face skin care specialist; anti-aging, anti-acne, botox effect, whitening, ant egg oil creams are just a few of our product range. With ongoing R&D studies, Gutto Cosmetics will continue to introduce special natural products to the Markets. Since the beginning of this new phase, Gutto Cosmetics has enjoyed steady and amazing growth over the years. Gutto Cosmetics holds a dominant Domestic Market position in some products enjoying overall %80 brand awareness in all products. Working with celebrities, sponsoring TV programs and serials, running ads in sector-related magazines & in newspapers keeps Gutto Cosmetics at Zenith. Gutto Cosmetics is now aiming at introducing these amazing products to more world people in more Markets having the ultimate genuine respect to Human Health using what is natural and what comes from Nature.
Ses Kimya A.S. is the manufacturing company with 21 years of industrial & commercial experience. Date and place of establishment: 1999, Istanbul (Turkey) Activity: manufacturing of household chemicals, cleaning products, cosmetics, personal care products and road reagents. Type of enterprise: Joint-stock company The territory occupied by the enterprise: 2.000 m2 HISTORY • 1999 – foundation of the company Ses Kimya A.S. The main activity of the company was production of powder and liquid detergents in the enterprise with a covered area of 665 m². The company was producing 72 different types of products and created a domestic network of dealers in the field of cleaning products. • 2002 – thanks to the establishment in the structure of the company of the laboratory department of research and development (R & D Laboratory), Ses Kimya A.S. began to work over the production of environmentally friendly chemicals, expanding the production area to 2.000 m², and the products’ types up to 120 items. • 2004 – using innovative technologies and the development of our chemists, the company began the production of environmentally friendly reagents as a result of searching for alternatives to replace the previously existing methods of fighting snow and ice. • 2008 – having the aim of expanding the sales of products, the company entered into the international markets. The company’s products have a successful demand in the countries of the Near and Middle East, Africa, South America, some CIS countries and the Balkans. Till these days Ses Kimya A.S. successfully runs foreign economic activities by selling and marketing its products in 23 countries around the world. LABORATORY Due to investments in the research laboratory Ses Kimya A.S. ensured the possibility of expanding the range of environmentally friendly chemical products. The company uses its modern production facilities in full for the production of such products. Ses Kimya A.S. is proud to be the first company in Turkey which succeeded in the development of environmentally friendly road reagents when fighting against snow and ice-slick. At present, our laboratory research and development department continues to develop new products to be used in the aviation sector aimed for fighting an erosion.
Gemona LTD. as Import -Export service provider in Turkey develops solutions in its field and produces surplus value to be a company worldwide perception. With its honest and high quality service oriented working principle, customer satisfaction oriented services, it provides its customers as a package for finding customers, finding products, import export customs clearance and logistics. Although it offers its customers a wide range of products in many sectors such as white goods, textiles, clothing, household goods and food, it also provides special products to its customers by organizing special production.
As Kopas Kozmetik we manufacture and supply cosmetic products, personal care products, household cleaning products, baby shampoos, baby powders, baby soaps, waxes, depilatories, hair dyes, perfumes, cream hair dyes, make-ups, color cosmetics, cosmetic product, personal care product, household cleaning product, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby soap, wax, perfume, depilatory, hair dye, cream hair dye, make-up, color cosmetic, baby oils, diaper rash creams, insect repellent sprays, wet wipes, baby care mats, breast pads, baby detergents, baby softeners, baby skin care products, baby hair care products, classical waxes, wax strips, depilatory creams, wax complementary products, hair intensive care sets, foot care products, foot creams, eau de toilette perfumes, deodorants, male perfumes, female perfumes, male deodorants, femal deodorants, household cleaners, baby oil, diaper rash cream, insect repellent spray, wet wipe, baby care mat, breast pad, baby detergent, baby softener, baby skin care product, baby hair care product, classical wax, wax strip, depilatory cream, wax complementary product, hair intensive care set, foot care product, foot cream, eau de toilette perfume, deodorant, male perfume... Dalin , Sesu , Alix Avien , XO , Alix Natura , Alix Eko , Diva , Foot Dr , Dr Beckman , Voila Foundations of Kopas Kozmetik Pazarlama A.S. was laid on the field of cosmetics and personal care products by our Honorary President, Pharmacist Mr. M. Adil Karaagac in 1974. Kopas is a company which develops cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning products, makes production in international standards without giving any harm to human health and the environment, sells and ensures product availability in all channels nationwide. The extensive tests and analysis during the R&D and production stages for our personal care products which are directly related to human health are regularly applied with precision in order to protect our consumers’ many years trust. To be an institutional and permanent organization; By quickly responding to market conditions in line with changing consumer needs and offering required products and services, By being able to compete with national and international companies within the categories we are included in the domestic and regional markets and the markets in the nearby geography, By improving our production, planning and delivery skills in order to protect our loyal customers who we have gained with our leader brands, without compromising our quality of products and service and to have new loyal customers.
Parlement Cosmetics has been one of the most important institutions of its sector since 1985 with the principle of quality production and competitive prices.With its 32-year experience,Parlement Cosmetics is a leading Turkish company operating at production of cosmetic products like hair care products,personal care products and deodorant&perfume. R&D activities are conducted by an experienced crew in fully-equipped laboratories with recent technologies. Our products are undergone all necessary quality control and microbiological tests.